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“Energy bills are rising, groceries are getting expensive, and the economy is in shambles. Realistically, there is nothing we can do to save ourselves, or is there?”

Disclaimer: All views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the respective company. Some design elements have been changed from the original.

The ‘cost of living crisis’ refers to the fall in ‘real’ disposable incomes that the UK has experienced since late 2022. It mainly affects people in low-medium income groups. People in this category can only make fewer bad financial decisions before it affects their life in a significant way. This condition is set to worsen due to the ongoing financial crisis. But there is a problem.

“Design a mobile banking experience to help Britons navigate the cost of living crisis, with a focus on increasing financial literacy.”

Background research, Interviews and surveys were conducted to gather qualitative and quantitative data from users. After than I began to look through the data to find key insights that cloud used to drive my research. From the insights listed below it was clear that there is a gap in the market that needs to be filled.

“The competition is yet to adapt to changing markets, mostly because of the complex nature of banking”

“The competitors are a mix of modern internet banks and traditional brick and mortar banks.”

“Who are the people that will use our application?”

After understanding each user with the help of empathy maps and user journey maps I moved on to ideations where techniques like rapid idea generation, Crazy 8’s and how might we were used to come up with three unique features for the application.

“After several rounds of testing the application screens were recreated in high fidelity ready to sent out for development”

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